Tangram Shelf

Folded out of one steel plate, the Tangram Shelf is a sleek and geometric designed wall plank that’s a real eyecatcher on your wall.

As geometry enthusiasts we’re often “puzzling” shapes together to form patterns, a bit like playing with a ‘Tangram puzzle’ when you were a child.
That was the inspiration for the design of this wall shelf.

You can use the Tangram shelf as a solitaire wall plank or ‘puzzle’ a few shelves together to form a nice geometric composition on your wall.

The front of the shelf is folded so the shelf can be mounted in 2 ways; with the front edge folded downward for a soft and rounded look and feel, or with the
edge folded upwards creating a ledge to hold your favorite record sleeve, picture frame or keep your cooking book open on the right page.

Measurements of the shelf are approximately 60 x 30 x 15cm (l x h x d)
Currently the Tangram shelf is available in the colors ‘pretty petrol’, a glossy powder coating and ‘iron grey’, a structured matt powder coating with soft glitter effect. On request also available in a RAL-color of choice.*

The price of a Tangram shelf is
€99,- incl 21%VAT
*custom colors may come at an additional cost.
To order send us an e-mail at info@romykuhne.nl

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