Lighting plan Kühne&Co Architects Rotterdam

Lighting plan Kühne&co Architects Rotterdam

When “Architectenbureau Kühne&co” realised their new office building at the Boomgaardsstraat in Rotterdam, we were asked to do the Lightingplan.
The assignment was to deliver a functional and energy efficient lightingplan with custom designed fixtures in the style of the building itself;
Industrial, using raw materials, making a large yet subtle gesture in the huge open space. The plan should consist of 11 functional lighting fixtures, providing enough light to make detailled drawings and read blueprints, and 1 eye catching lampshade to put above the table where the meetings with clients take place.

We got carte blanche on the design and enough time to realise the project, so we could really do something special and custom made here.
Inspired by the zinc coated, steel walls of the building I descided to use zinc and zinc coated steel plate to make the lampshades.
For this lightingplan we designed 11 Tube Light Fixtures containing two T5 Tube Lights with high energy efficiency, using the fixture as a reflector to meet the required Light Values for architectural offices.

For the Eyecatching Lampshade we used a “Old fashioned” looking E27 lightbulb in a modern LED version.
The fixtures we designed for this project are featured seperately on this website under the headers: “One Sheet Lampshade” and “Felslamp (seamed lamp)”.

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