Solid Air

The Solid Air is a light and transparent lampshade with a diameter of 35cm. Due to it’s pentagonal shape and geometric cut out pattern the lampshade looks different from every angle and creates a playfull light effect.

The cut-out pattern of lines gives the shade a graphic appearance and projection on  the wall and ceiling.

The lampshade is made from steel and finished with a powder coating.
The shade has a diameter of approximately 35cm and comes with an electric cord of approx. 2m long and a ceiling cap, coated in the same color as the shade.
Currently available in the colors “Pretty Petrol” and “Iron grey”, on request also available in a RAL color of choice.

The shade can be installed as a single lampshade or you can combine multiple solid air’s to create a ‘cloud’ of shades or hang them in line.

B2B Inquiries
For our pricelists, technical data sheets, our Lighting catalogue or Sketchup models of our Lampshades for your project please sent your request per e-mail to

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