Our facetted, Solid lampshade ⌀35cm is a playfull, yet sleek design, pendant lampshade with an industrial appearance.

With it’s upstanding ledges, and geometric design this steel, Solid lamp looks industrial from the outside, but on the inside of the lampshade a facetted star appears reflecting the light in a playfull way.

The Solid is available in 2 sizes; The regular solid: Ø350x150mm and the Solid XL Ø700x30cm. And comes with a 2 meter long textile cord and ceiling cap in the color of the lampshade.
On request the lampshades can be coated in every RAL color of your choice to match your project!

B2B Inquiries
For our pricelists, technical data sheets, our Lighting catalogue or Sketchup models of our Lampshades for your project please sent your request per e-mail to

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