The facetted interior of this small industrial, yet playful solid lampshade reflect the light which makes the lamp shade shine like a little diamond or star above your table or reading chair or even in your baby’s room.

After designing the “huge” facetted Apollo lampshade Romy Kühne got a lot of questions from people who loved the design but didn’t have the room for such a large lampshade.

So she started designing a smaller, simpler lampshade in the same facetted style that would fit all types and sizes of spaces and interiors.

Result was this playful little “Solid” lampshade. Available in both industrial looking iron grey coated version and a soft colored minty green coating.

The Solid is available in 2 sizes; Ø350x150mm and Ø700x30cm. On request the lampshades can be coated in every RAL color of your choice* to match your project!

Price of the Solid ø35cm is
incl. 21%VAT
*For custom colors we may charge an additional cost

Are you an architect or retailer? Please contact us at for pricing and technical data.

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