One sheet lampshade

This Tube Light fixture is completely folded out of 1 sheet of metal. By laser cutting out parts and folding the sheet a lampshade’s formed that produces bright work light.

Folding a sheet of metal following the contours of an old archetypal factory lampshade created the design of the shade. You have to look for it, but seen from the front you can still detect this shape,

whilst from aside the lampshade looks like an enlarged industrial TL-fixture.

The zinc coated metal and the shape of the lampshade work as a reflector, increasing the light intensity of the two small TL5 tubes that are mounted floating in the middle of the lampshade.

The one-sheet-lampshade was designed for a Architectural office which wanted sufficient light to draw by and rough industrial designed lampshades to match the industrial character of their office and this is the result!

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