Lighting plan Van Traa advocaten

Lighting plan Van Traa Advocaten

After an earlier cooperation with Kühne&co Architects for the lightplan for their own office building, they contacted us to do a proposal for the Lightingplan for Van Traa Advocats, an office Kühne&co was rebuilding. Van Traa Advocates, located at “de Meent” in Rotterdam wanted a extraordinairy lightingplan for their boardrooms and canteen.

Because of their business connection with the companies in the port of Rotterdam they wanted to create a industrial and raw, but also transparent and friendly ambiance in their office that reflects working together and feeling comfortable instead of the usual sleek, business look.
In this plan we used a lot of decorative, surface mount and suspended fixtures, instead of the usually applied functional Tube Light and recessed fixtures.
The decorative, green glass suspended fixtures are attached to the emergency unit and function as emergency lighting in case of a power cut.
The large steel Apollo fixtures reflect the industrial harbour look and feel and create small, intimate spaces whilst sitting underneath the shades in the large open room.
To provide an overall soft light we used some wide flood industrial PAR spots and in the small kitchen and board rooms we used surface mount and recessed LED downlighters to provide the required light output and meet the NEN-values.

A functional lightingplan, yet slightly different from the usual office lighting due to the use of so many decorative Lighting fixtures.
For the realisation of this project we worked together with Lichtadvies010 and Zeggelaar installatietechniek

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