Apollo Lampshade

With its large measurements and steel, bolted exterior, the Apollo Lampshade has a rough and Industrial appearance.

But prepare to be surprised by the soft, structure coated, decorative interior of the lampshade and experience the warm light she emits.

The facetted shape and size of the Apollo cause the shade to work as a reflector, directing the soft light downwards to the people sitting underneath it creating a intimate ambiance.

A light experience you might recall from a long time ago; sitting together around the oil lamp.

The contrast between the durable, industrial appearance and this soft, cozy light experience is what makes this lampshade special.

The Apollo is a perfect fit for large open spaces and office buildings, but also creates great eye catcher above the diner table.

The Apollo Lampshade is included in the collection of lighting brand DARK

For sales information and technical data we direct you to www.dark.be

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