Apollo Lampshades at Avast Software Offices

Apollo Lampshades at Avast Software HQ Prague

Project: Avast Software Offices, Prague, Czech republic
Interior Design: VRTIŠKA • ŽÁK
Lampshades: Apollo Lampshade by Romy Kühne for DARK
Pictures by: Kristina Hrabětová & Josef Havlin

Word says that the task given the competitors in the tender for the interior design of  the Avast Software Office in Prague in short was; ‘Create a more playfull office and environment than that of Google Zurich.’ With this task there was room to go ‘big and eyecatching’ on the lighting. Vrtiška . Žák architects designed a amazing work hard play harder environment and won the tender, very proud to see our Apollo’s in black and gold playing an eyecatching role in this project.

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