Check in counter King Kong Hostel

Check in counter King Kong Hostel

Ernst Kühne Meubelmaker en meer”, a great craftsman and furniture maker who also happens to be Romy Kühne’s father was asked to design a Check in counter for King Kong Hostel in Rotterdam. After a get together in their joined workspace and a few discussions on their projects they started sketching on this plan together and the design of the counter became a collaboration project.

King Kong Hostel is a known place in Rotterdam, the interior is like candy for the eye, filled with outspoken design from moslty local designers.
Whilst Ernst and Romy share a workshop practically across the street from King Kong Hostel they wanted to make the counter, not only practical, but surprising and matching with the rest of the outspoken designed interior.
The assingment was to build a small stage on the existing staircase in order to fit the counter into the existing space.
Kühne & Kühne’s idea was to let the counter design look like a sculpture and at the same time make it functional like a regular check in counter with enough storage space and a place for the kassa and computer.
In the left picture below you can see the original “before situation” and next to that: The result! A pile of suitcases sculpted out of wood on a rounded stage with a steel fence matching the steel cupboords behind the existing bar standing next to it.

A collaboration on the design part and the installation, but all credits for the challenging woodworking job are for Ernst Kühne!
Romy and Ernst have worked together on several projects and the combination designer-maker and father-daughter with their 2 different approaches interests and material knowledge appears to be a good combination.
Especially on challenging custom designed project so if you have a challenge for us? Feel free to contact us!
You can see more of the work of Ernst Kühne Meubelmaker

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